All in one mobile application!
Thanks to the unique Account Server (ACS) system, we have collected all the important operations for the trader in one application.
5 minutes from the installation to the first deposit
Simultaneous registration in 2 applications
When registering in the Mobile Terminal, the trader receives
a unified login and password. He can use them to log in to both
the Terminal and the Trader's Room.

After the registration, two types of accounts are
automatically created - demo and live.
Payments in the Terminal
There is a new button in the Mobile Terminal
'Deposit your account'

Now, the trader does not have to spend time going to the Trader's room. Trade and deposit of the account are in one application.
Trade on different accounts without
any additional authorization
Previously, the trader had to log in to the Terminal each time when switching between his trade accounts. Now he can simply go from one account to another one with one click.
The trader does not have to switch between several applications to register in the Terminal and start trading. He simply installs the UTIP Mobile application and works only there.
Conversion +30%
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